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Clear Aligners Price, Procedure, Pros & Cons

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In this article

“Clear aligners” or “teeth aligners” is a type of orthodontic treatment that refers to a group of clear, removable aligners specifically made to suit your teeth. Besides having no brackets or wires to poke and break, these clear orthodontic aligners are nearly undetectable, minimally intrusive, and resistant to wear-related clouding. You can easily remove them for eating, drinking, and special occasions, making it easier to brush and floss.

However, the detachable nature of these aligners for teeth may make it harder for some people to wear them consistently. Losing your aligners could delay your treatment and increase the overall treatment cost. Clear aligners therapy also can result in mild discomfort or soreness. 

Additionally, in some areas, you can only purchase them through dentists or orthodontists who have received manufacturer certification and training to sell them. 

How are clear aligners made?

Your dentist or orthodontist will inspect your teeth and determine how to adjust your bite. A dentist, associate dentist, or orthodontist will scan your mouth using advanced 3-D imaging technology. The dentist will then upload the scan to a computer to visually represent your smile. The modern computer program the orthodontist or dentist uses then outlines the crucial stages your teeth must take to achieve ideal alignment. With this information, the dentist can design a unique aligner for each tray in the series.

The 3D model shows precise movements. Your dentist presents and discusses it with you to get approval for the outcome. After the approval, your dentist submits the digital scan and treatment plan to a manufacturer-specific laboratory that uses computer technology to create your custom-fit clear aligners.

Then, your dentist or orthodontist will receive these aligners to try on and assess for appropriateness. Your particular orthodontic issue will determine how many aligners you need.

Your dentist advises you to wear each new pair of aligners for a predetermined period; to remove them only for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing while wearing them. Your teeth progressively realign to your desired smile with each new pair of aligners as they slowly adjust. Your dentist or orthodontist will supply the next set of aligners and assess your treatment progress at regular checkups. 

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Clear aligners treatment procedure

Step 1: Finding out if you are the right candidate

Clear aligner braces may be an option if the patient shows orthodontic issues. These transparent teeth aligners can correct open bites, underbites, overbites, crossbites, gapped teeth, and overcrowding.

During the consultation round, the dentist will examine if clear aligners are suitable for you. You can also discuss financing possibilities, insurance coverage, and treatment expenses.

If you qualify, your dentist will proceed to take x-rays, photographic records and a digital 3D scan of your teeth.

Step 2: Making a personalized treatment plan

The next step is to make a treatment plan. Once the plan is ready, your dentist will inform you of the estimated total duration needed for your case and present a 3D animation video of your teeth’ movement. 

If you agree to continue with the treatment plan, your dentist will inform the lab to print your customized clear invisible aligners.

Step 3: Positioning the initial set of trays

Within a few days, the dental clinic receives the customized aligners. Then, dentists set a time for installing the trays and attachments if needed. Since these trays were created especially for your teeth, you should feel comfortable wearing them.

During this visit, your dentist may also place attachments on your teeth and give you several trays and instructions on removing and reapplying the aligners.

Step 4: Go to get routine adjustments.

It’s important to note, that dental routine review appointments are less complex than tightening wires and brackets with metal braces. Your dental will continue to give you your new set of trays. 

Step 5: Substituting clear aligners with retainers

Once your teeth are perfectly aligned, your dentist will ask you to stop wearing aligners and remove any attachments attached to your teeth. You may receive retainers to help retain your teeth in the new position.


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What should I expect from the clear aligners treatment?

In the first several days of treatment, discomfort and sensitivity are usual. It may take you a few weeks to become accustomed to the aligners. Additionally, possible side effects of wearing aligners while you sleep may include speech issues, a slight lisp, or drooling. Within a few weeks, these minor issues get better on their own.

Clear aligners treatment duration

Different treatment timeframes apply to different individuals. For instance, the average treatment takes nine to fifteen months to complete and needs 20 to 30 aligners for the upper and lower teeth. On average, moderate cases take 32 steps of treatment, delivered in eight phases, while minor cases require 12 steps of treatment, provided in three stages.

Clear aligners pros


Experienced professionals design each clear aligner using cutting-edge technology software, ensuring that aligners fit your teeth with the slightest discomfort.

Easy to use

Your orthodontist handles the technical aspects of the procedure, so all you have to do is wear and maintain your aligners.

Clinically successful

With clear aligners, you can be assured that your dental health is in good hands because it was developed and implemented by qualified dentists and orthodontists.


You can be confident knowing that your aligners are invisible because they are made from transparent plastic and customized to fit your teeth.

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Clear aligners drawbacks

It works only if you wear it

The clear aligners therapy requires you to wear it for 22 hours a day for it to work according to plan otherwise you may not see much changes.

Unable to help complex cases

Clear aligners may not be able to help fix teeth conditions that are too complex and you may need to use normal wired metal braces.


Generally, clear aligners will cost higher than traditional braces. They may also need expensive and particular care. For instance, compared to conventional cleaners used for normal teeth retainers, Invisalign’s special brand cleansers are relatively pricey and only accessible from the manufacturer.

How do clear aligners function?

A dentist or orthodontist will develop a plan for tooth movement once they’ve decided how to correct your bite. These invisible aligners are composed of clear plastic or acrylic and fit perfectly over the teeth.

Your dentist will use the aligners to reposition your teeth progressively throughout treatment. You can take them off for eating, cleaning, and flossing. You will receive a new pair of aligners every few weeks to keep moving your teeth in the desired direction.

How long will the teeth straightening process take?

How long the teeth aligners will take to straighten teeth depends on the amount of tooth movement or rotation required. It will take longer if your bite is more irregular or if your teeth are more crooked. Typically, a course of treatment lasts 12 to 18 months. However, if you had braces as a youngster and are now an adult and your teeth have moved somewhat over time, you may only need to wear the aligners for ten weeks.

Clear aligners before and after

Clear aligners review

Ms. Norris wanted to straighten her tooth without no one noticing. At first she didn’t know that we have clear aligners in Malaysia until she came to meet us at Stellar Dental. She completed her treatment in just nine months and as she said it, she felt like “all pass by pretty quickly”.

Clear aligners cost

Stellar Dental offers clear aligners in Malaysia at a total price of RM9,500. We accept cash and card payments. We also provide installment plans at 0% interest from RM366.67 per month. Find out more here.

Final words

Clear aligners treatment are ideal if you are shy to get conventional ones. But remember that you need to wear them for 22 hours daily, and they may cost you extra. Reach out to Stellar Dental to book a free consultation and discuss your issues with a team of experienced dentists and orthodontists.

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