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Look no further and come to Stellar Dental! We are a 5-star rated dental clinic in Setia Alam, Shah Alam located inside Sunsuria Forum, near Setia City mall.


You can park inside the basement, so you won’t have to worry about rain or shine. Our clinic is just 5 minutes away, and walking here is a breeze.

Stellar Dental Setia Alam Info

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Lunch break: 1 PM – 2 PM

Meet The Team

dental clinic

Founder & Director


A mother, wife and proud dental UiTM alumna with postgraduate certification in dental implants and orthodontics from New York University.

Dr Alyssa Nuraina

Meet Our Visiting Specialists

Meet our dental specialists in Kuala Lumpur providing expert care in implants, veneers, braces and more, ensuring personalized treatment for optimal dental health and beautiful smiles.

Dr. Firdaus

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

FDS RCS – England

Dr. Amir

Lead Orthodontist

MOrth RCS – England

Dr. Iman


MOrth RCS – England

Dr. Aiemeeza


FNTPI UniGe.IT – Italy

Dr. Lee

Restorative (Prosthetic)

MClinDent UM – Malaysia

Dr. Nazrin


MClinDent UiTM – Malaysia

Our Professional Dentists

Our team of experienced dentists are dedicated to delivering first-class, personalized dental care, ensuring comfort and excellent results for patients from all backgrounds.

Dr. Ellie

General Dentist

BDS Mahsa – Malaysia

Dr. Afizudin

General Dentist

BDS IIUM – Malaysia

Dr. Haseena

General Dentist

BDS Tanta – Egypt

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Watch how we give best dental treatment with professional and welcoming service in Setia Alam

Dental Clinic Setia Alam Pricelist 2024

Stellar Dental Setia Alam treatment pricelist 2024 is listed in the table below:

Consultation/ CheckupRM35
Scaling (Teeth cleaning)RM100-200
Tooth fillingRM80-350
Tooth extractionRM120-350
Root canalRM700-1800 (depends on canal number)
Tooth crown• RM1600 (Metal)
• RM1800 (PFM)
• RM2600 (Ceramic)
Dental bridge• RM900 (FRC)
• RM2000 (Maryland PFM)
• RM5400 (Conventional PFM)
Denture• RM450 (Acrylic base + 1 tooth)
• RM850 (Flexible base + 1 tooth)
• RM950 (Cobalt chrome base + 1 tooth)
Tooth implantRM8500 includes x-ray, 3D scan and crown
Teeth whiteningRM250/ RM799/ RM1499 (1/3/4 cycles)
Tooth veneer• RM450 (Composite)
• RM1000 (Componeer)
• RM2600 (Ceramic)
Dental braces• RM4500 (Conventional)
• RM6000 (Self-ligating)
• RM9500 (Clear aligners)

Stellar Dental Setia Alam Photo Gallery

Proudly Rated
5.0 5 Stars - From total 412 Customer Reviews

Adibah H. AvatarAdibah H.
Had my wisdom teeth removed with Dr. Afizudin. Process was smooth from doctor explaining the procedure & risk till the extraction. Doctor was gentle. 💯 recommended – 12/07/2024 
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Putri F. AvatarPutri F.
Nice place, nice doctors 👍 – 24/02/2023 
read more
Shahzuan A. AvatarShahzuan A.
Everything was great, the staff and the doctor are very friendly and they did a great job with my teeth. Kudos – 24/02/2023 
read more
Teoh H. AvatarTeoh H.
good experience – 29/04/2024 
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Violet B. AvatarViolet B.
I had composite veneers done by dr Ellie. She’s done an amazing job for a very reasonable price and I couldn’t recommend her more. It’s simply hard to believe that my crooked teeth can look so perfect. – 12/04/2024 
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JY W. AvatarJY W.
Came here because I thought I have a developing cavity. After inspection by Dr Afizudin, turns out is only a stain which can be settled by scaling and polishing. The process was painless. Dr Afizudin was very clear and patient in answering all my enquiries. – 11/06/2024 
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Omar M. AvatarOmar M.
Loved this place! Felt so cozy, and clean. Dr Ellie was very thorough with the cleaning and my scaling. She and the nurse are very attentive and didn’t judge when I asked dumb questions since I haven’t gone to a dentist in a long time. – 24/08/2023 
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Caitlin B. AvatarCaitlin B.
INTERNATIONAL/WESTERN FOLK – This is the PERFECT place to get your teeth done. I highly recommend it!! Dr Ellie and her team are the best dental staff I have ever come across. Their knowledge and equipment far exceeds anything you’ll have experienced via the NHS and most private dentists in the UK. – totally pain free – full explanation of procedure and recommendations beforehand – staff are kind, gentle and work with nervous patients very well – Dr Ellie is very well educated, you can tell she has been trained to the highest level – amazingly cheap, like wow. Cheaper than the NHS in every aspect. For the price of 1 filling on the NHS I recieved at Stellar Dental: check up, x-rays, 2x fillings, internal tooth bleaching, full scale and polish. Unbelievable!! – impeccably clean and well designed clinic, feels more like a spa! – all staff have perfect English, no language barriers I will be returning to this clinic for any future dental work I need. I do not live in Malaysia, that’s how excellent and well priced it is. – 24/02/2023 
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izzah t. Avatarizzah t.
Done my root canal treatment (RCT) here by Dr Afizudin. I’ve always heard all the scary stories about RCT, about how painful it is etc. But Dr Afizudin has proved that it was all wrong. He was so gentle while doing the procedure, making the treatment painless. Even after the anaesthesia wears off, there is no pain at all. The explanations by him was very clear. All the staffs are friendly, the clinic itself is very clean and aesthetically pleasing. If anyone looking for a clinic to do RCT, please go here, and look for this Dr. Highly recommended. 👍🏻 🏻 – 14/05/2024 
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putri m. Avatarputri m.
Awesome place.the dentist is very patient in explaining the procedure,and will make it as comfortable as possible for u.the clinic is at ground floor,u can watch netflix while waiting.the deco is nicely done,super comfortable and price is affordable.this will be my all time favorite dentist from now on.highly recommended especially for those who are scared like me🤣 – 24/03/2023 
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Danial D. AvatarDanial D.
No. 1 Dental Clinic in the World! 5/5 Infinity Stars 🌟 saya bagi dekat Stellar Dental. Daripada sebelum, semasa & selepas semua mmg perfecto! Datang utk buat scaling + veneer (around 2 hrs). ✅ Fast Response from Admin via Whatsapp ✅ Reminder 1 day before appointment ✅ Jotform ready to fill in your required details ✅ Customer experience flow mmg the best, from booking till payment, semua lancar👍🏻 ✅ Layanan mmg Rahmah Madani tahap pro, daripada kaunter, Dr, assistant Dr mmg power ah, tak reti nak kabo, mmg bagus ✅ Ada TV kat siling, mmg amazed gila ah bro, siap ada Netflix mat😂, sempat layan Blue Lock 2 eps + Upin Ipin Keris Siamang Tunggal separuh, thorougout the appointment ✅ Kualiti – mmg takda complain apa2 la kot, mmg Dr Stellar ni padu, takyah la risau, takda la kasar² ke apa², everything smooth la👍🏻 ✅ Variety payment options offered – Cash, Credit/Debit, Panel boleh, Atome pun boleh. (For 1st time Atome users, mmg aku galakkan guna sebab ada voucher) ✅ Interior deco/environment – kalah rumah Dato Vida, theme apa saya tak pasti tpi mmg cantik & kemas, bersih tersusun je semua Cuma area Kota Damansara ni faham2 la, lagi2 area chinatown ni yg banyak chinese restaurants, mmg parking luar clinic tu mmg struggle la. Better you guys park dlm basement parking Central Park/Sunway Nexis apa ntah nama dia lupa dah aku. Parking 2 jam baru RM3.30 (hari Sabtu) mmg mur-mur👍🏻 For sure will come repeat appointment dgn SD👍🏻 Maintain the quality & keep it up! – 24/03/2023 
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Rasmil B. AvatarRasmil B.
Saya Sangat berpuas hati dengan rawatan servis dental sini.. gigi kembali cantik – 21/03/2024 
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Stellar Dental Setia Alam Map

Ready To Get Your Dream Smile?

A smile makeover can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. No matter your dental needs, we can help you achieve a smile you are proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What services do you offer at Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
    • We offer a wide range of services including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics (braces), dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening.
  2. How can I book an appointment at Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
    • You can easily book an appointment by calling us at 01128840342, emailing us at, or using our online booking form on our website.
  3. Where is Stellar Dental located in Setia Alam?
    • Stellar Dental Setia Alam is near Village Grocer inside Sunsuria Forum making it easy for you and residents of Setia Alam, Shah Alam and Klang to find.
  4. Do you offer braces treatment at Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
  5. What makes Stellar Dental Setia Alam the best choice for dental care?
    • We are known for our experienced dentists that can handle complex cases, latest dental technology, personalized care, and commitment to patient satisfaction.
  6. How do I get to Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
    • You can exit the highway of Persiaran Setia Alam into Sunsuria Forum or you can enter from Persiaran Setia Dagang into @7th Avenue.
  7. Do you offer dental implants at Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
    • Yes, we provide high-quality dental implant services done by specialists to help restore your smile and improve your oral health. 
  8. Are the dental services at Stellar Dental Setia Alam affordable?
    • Yes, Stellar Dental Setia Alam offers a wide range of affordable dental services without compromising on quality.
  9. Are there veneers treatment at Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
    • Yes, you may choose from composite, componeers and porcelain veneers with our experienced dentists.
  10. Can i do teeth whitening at Stellar Dental Setia Alam?
    • Yes, we offer professional teeth whitening services to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile.