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Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Sunday: Closed

Stellar Dental Setia Alam

Stellar Dental Setia Alam (formerly Artisan Dental Setia Alam) has easy access and free basement parking so you don’t have to worry about rainy days.

Just a few minutes away from Setia City Mall, we are inside Sunsuria Forum the same building as Village Grocer, Book Xcess, Uncle Don and many more.

Monday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm

Convenient and Comfortable

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  • Shanti K. AvatarShanti K.
    I was very happy with the service there,. I was treated by Dr Koo , a very very nice... read more - 1/26/2022 
  • Hazim D. AvatarHazim D.
    Dr Alyssa, congratulations on your newly opened clinic! We had our free dental check up here today. Its child friendly.... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Adlin D. AvatarAdlin D.
    Brought my daughter for her 1st dental extractions. Very nice experience starting from getting to slot in at the very... read more - 5/26/2021 
  • Wee H. AvatarWee H.
    This is a great place to go take care of your teeth. The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team... read more - 5/26/2021 
  • Alsaima B. AvatarAlsaima B.
    I went to this dentist today super very good service. Doctor friendly too. She explained to me everything. I'm very... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Azika M. AvatarAzika M.
    Been here twice and received great services from the doctor. Very detailed in giving explanations. Ambience was nice and comfortable.... read more - 5/26/2021 
  • Rabi'atul Z. AvatarRabi'atul Z.
    Done my check up the other day and it was fun! Doctor sangat peramah, klinik is very clean and selesa.... read more - 6/26/2021 
  • Hafiz F. AvatarHafiz F.
    Knowing your teeth has problems is one thing. The more important thing is the knowledge and reasons behind it. I... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • timster d. Avatartimster d.
    Amazing place and great customer service. Both the Dr and the assistant did good job during the scaling. Minimal pain... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Ahmad Z. AvatarAhmad Z.
    Easy parking at sunsuria forum took me less than 10 minutes to parkBeautiful entrance of clinicRegistration was fast just give... read more - 3/26/2022 
  • Izzat I. AvatarIzzat I.
    Had my wisdom tooth extracted here. Was afraid at first, but the Dr. was very kind & explain in detail... read more - 11/30/2020 
  • Kam p. AvatarKam p.
    Very good service & care provided by doctor and her team! Comfortable environment and scaling was done without any pain... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Sapura M. AvatarSapura M.
    Sending my heartfelt gratitude to the best doctor I’ve ever seen. You are not only a superb doctor but also... read more - 8/26/2021 
  • Sabria D. AvatarSabria D.
    Highly recommended. Service amat memuaskan dan affordable. Doktor dan semua staff juga sangat friendly, selalu kalau nak jumpa dentist perasaan... read more - 12/26/2021 
  • N S. AvatarN S.
    First time kena cabut gigi tak rasa sakit 😆,cuma rasa jarum bius tu ja haha. Service yang okay dan memuaskan!... read more - 2/26/2022 
  • Anna R. AvatarAnna R.
    Great service and treatment with reasonable price. The place is comfy and welcoming. Dr Alyssa and the staffs were very... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Lalitha R. AvatarLalitha R.
    Highly recommended!! Its was really great service provided in this dental clinic. My first experience n its was really best... read more - 8/26/2021 
  • Hazim R. AvatarHazim R.
    Terbaik, memang puas hati dengan penerangan dia. Takde cek gitu2 je dan bg ubat. Terus ada action on the spot.... read more - 10/26/2021 
  • ida z. Avatarida z.
    Kali pertama datang ke klinik pada bulan 12 (2020) kembali lagi pada mei (2021) tertarik dengan keselesaan dan layanan... read more - 6/26/2021 
  • Siti F. AvatarSiti F.
    The best dental experience I could ever had. Everyone here are very friendly and helpful. The ambience is great too!... read more - 6/26/2021 
  • Dayana K. AvatarDayana K.
    The best dental clinic with a very good service! The staff also very friendly. Not forget to my Dr Alyssa,... read more - 2/26/2022 
  • Junior T. AvatarJunior T.
    Excellent service from staff and doctor Alyssa is very understand the patient and good sharing on the importantant of taking... read more - 1/10/2021 
  • Nisa N. AvatarNisa N.
    Doktor sangat friendly kids. Very recommend dental clinic. Anak saya dari seorang yang takut nak jumpa doktor gigi, boleh calm... read more - 12/29/2020 
  • Herbie T. AvatarHerbie T.
    It is all that was claimed to be and more. Informative, careful, detailed, pleasant .. that extends from Dr Amal... read more - 1/28/2021 
  • Nurul F. AvatarNurul F.
    Doctor and assistant treat me well. Everything went smoothly. Scalling takes around 20 minutes but tak rasa pon lama tahu-tahu... read more - 12/26/2021 
  • Khairudin Y. AvatarKhairudin Y.
    I am totally satisfied with the service, and I am not a person who is easily satisfied. I came for... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Nur A. AvatarNur A.
    Nice doctor, can Netflix and chill while they do the work! btw I did the teeth whitening, definitely cheaper than... read more - 1/26/2022 
  • Muhammad A. AvatarMuhammad A.
    Highly recommended to all and 5 star service given to the team. Good job team n keep up the good... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Jason N. AvatarJason N.
    It was my first visit to the clinic and I was very impressed at the professionalism and hospitality at the... read more - 11/26/2021 
  • Aishah K. AvatarAishah K.
    Highly recommended.Bawa anak untuk scaling.Doc consult dan brief secara detail rawatan yang perlu diberikan termasuk harga.Jika setuju, baru proceed.Comel je... read more - 11/26/2021 
  • Ching L. AvatarChing L.
    Doctor and the staffs are highly dedicated, professional and friendly. Spacious and clean area. Dr. Alyssa patiently explained my 5... read more - 2/02/2021 
  • Peggy L. AvatarPeggy L.
    Doctor Alyssa is nice and patience. She chit chat and play with my kids before start the treatment, it was... read more - 1/02/2021 
  • Shaza H. AvatarShaza H.
    Went in for a wisdom tooth extraction. 5 star service! Dr Alyssa was really thorough with her explaination, diagnosis and... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • syahiirah f. Avatarsyahiirah f.
    My daughter had the best experience here. It is our first time here but we really like it. Surely, this... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Nur S. AvatarNur S.
    best dental ever..doctor explain sgt jelas & rawatan yg terbaik..definitely xnk g tmpt lain da..hrga pn berpatutan dgn rwatan gigi..👍😊 - 9/26/2021 
  • Dalila R. AvatarDalila R.
    Brought our 6 yr old for his tooth extraction, and the kind and skilful Dr not only made his first... read more - 11/26/2021 
  • Junior T. AvatarJunior T.
    Good service from staff and doctor Alyssa are very understand the patient and good explanation on the dental. If you... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Syura A. AvatarSyura A.
    Thank you very much for treated me well.It’s a well worth recommending dentist!Definitely i will back again.☺️ - 4/26/2021 
  • diena w. Avatardiena w.
    Best dentist in setia alam for kids! Brought my 2 kids here for checkup and the doc was very attentive... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Azreen A. AvatarAzreen A.
    The service provided by the clinic is amazing. The dentist is really nice and explained everything thoroughly. The staffs were... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Sarah M. AvatarSarah M.
    Went here for consultation, and Dr Alyssa were very very helpful on the explanation and giving further advise and suggestions.... read more - 10/30/2020 
  • Sarah M. AvatarSarah M.
    Went here for consultation, and Dr Alyssa were very very helpful on the explanation and giving further advise and suggestions.... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Nadiathul A. AvatarNadiathul A.
    This a a long overdue review, sorry Doc! T-TMy boy was so happy for his first dental trip, the staff,... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Tulips Y. AvatarTulips Y.
    Friendly doctor and offered good advise for oral health, treatment was great and was not so much pain as expected... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • nor a. Avatarnor a.
    Semalam anak buat treatment Kat klinik gigi ni...first time try... Anak suke sangat ...katanya doctor baik sangat .... Sangat puas... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Nor S. AvatarNor S.
    Suasana dalam klinik tenang dan best, Doktor and assistant baik2, harga affordable!Siap bagi masa saya cool down bila anxiety attack... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • Azri S. AvatarAzri S.
    Saw on ig advertisement and straight away made an appointment with them for scalling and polishing. Very friendly staffs and doctor! - 9/26/2021 
  • Azmi H. AvatarAzmi H.
    GOOD SERVICE AND THE DOCTOR DID IT GENTLY! As someone who never went to dentist, i had a good experience! - 4/26/2021 
  • Norainiza A. AvatarNorainiza A.
    Dr.Alyssa, staff and klinik mmg the best! First time bwk anak 2 tahun 4 bulan, of course we as his... read more - 4/26/2021 
  • najwa z. Avatarnajwa z.
    Wonderful experience. Went in for some dental treatments. Clinic very clean and comfortable. Dr. Alyssa was very friendly and... read more - 4/26/2021 

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