Klinik Gigi Setia Alam

klinik gigi setia alam shah alam selangor

Mencari Klinik Gigi di Setia Alam?

Jika anda sedang mencari klinik gigi di Setia Alam, Shah Alam yang menawarkan perkhidmatan pergigian berkualiti tinggi, Stellar Dental adalah pilihan yang tepat.

Maklumat Klinik Gigi Setia Alam Stellar

📍 E-1-04, Sunsuria Forum, No.1, Jalan Setia Dagang AL U13/AL, Setia Alam, 40170, Shah Alam (Google Maps)

⭐ 5.0 (413) Google Reviews

📞 +601128840342

✉️ sa.stellardental@gmail.com

Waktu Operasi

  • Isnin – Ahad: 9AM – 9PM
  • Rehat: 1PM – 2PM

Harga Rawatan Klinik Gigi Setia Alam 2024

Berikut adalah harga rawatan pergigian di klinik gigi Setia Alam Stellar 2024:

Konsultasi/ Check upRM35
Scaling gigi (Cuci gigi)RM100-200
Tampal gigiRM80-350
Cabut gigiRM120-350
Rawatan akarRM700-1800 (bergantung jumlah salur akar)
Mahkota gigi (Crown)• RM1600 (Logam)
• RM1800 (PFM)
• RM2600 (Seramik)
Jambatan gigi (Bridge)• RM900 (FRC)
• RM2000 (Maryland PFM)
• RM5400 (Konvensional PFM)
Gigi palsu• RM450 (Tapak akrilik + 1 gigi)
• RM850 (Tapak fleksibel + 1 gigi)
• RM950 (Tapak krom kobalt + 1 gigi)
Implan gigiRM8500 termasuk x-ray, 3D scan dan crown
Pemutihan gigiRM250/ RM799/ RM1499 (1/3/4 kitaran)
Veneer gigi• RM450 (Komposit)
• RM1000 (Componeer)
• RM2600 (Seramik)
Braces gigi• RM4500 (Konvensional)
• RM6000 (Self-ligating)
• RM9500 (Clear aligners)

Mengapa Pilih Stellar Dental?

  1. Doktor Gigi Berpengalaman dan Mahir:
    • Di Stellar Dental, pasukan doktor gigi kami terdiri daripada pakar yang berpengalaman dan mahir dalam pelbagai bidang pergigian. Kami komited untuk memberikan rawatan yang terbaik kepada pesakit kami.
  2. Peralatan Moden dan Teknologi Terkini:
    • Kami dilengkapi dengan peralatan moden dan teknologi terkini untuk memastikan rawatan yang efektif dan efisien. Ini termasuk peralatan diagnostik digital yang canggih untuk penilaian kesihatan mulut yang tepat.
  3. Pelbagai Perkhidmatan Pergigian:
    • Stellar Dental menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan pergigian termasuk pembersihan gigi, penampalan, pencabutan, rawatan akar, pemasangan gigi palsu, implan, dan rawatan kosmetik seperti pemutihan gigi dan pemasangan veneer.
  4. Pendekatan Personal dan Mesra Pesakit:
    • Kami percaya setiap pesakit adalah unik. Oleh itu, kami menyediakan rawatan yang disesuaikan mengikut keperluan individu. Pasukan kami juga memastikan setiap pesakit merasa selesa dan tenang sepanjang proses rawatan.
  5. Lokasi Strategik di Setia Alam:
    • Klinik kami terletak didalam bangunan Sunsuria Forum yang turut didiami oleh Village Grocer dan BookXcess. Anda boleh letak kereta di basement. Jarak perjalanan ke klinik dalam 5 minit sahaja!

Galeri Gambar Klinik Gigi Setia Alam Stellar

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Review Pelanggan Kami

Rai A. AvatarRai A.
Doctor Safuan was really good with children and informative. I hope that the place is more child friendly with extra toys and children’s books. Overall good experience! – 24/02/2023 
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Cherylle M. AvatarCherylle M.
I have always wanted a confident smile by having braces. Dr. Alyssa has made my childhood dream come true. The first dentist (another clinic) I went to was not willing to take my case, which made me feel like my teeth condition was worse than what I thought, but Dr Alyssa had decided to take my case and done a great job. After 2 years ++ of wearing braces I’m very happy with the result. Will keep coming here for any dental services for as long as they are around! Thank you so much, Dr Alyssa and team! Edit: I had my tooth implant done here as well. I was very nervous at the thought, but decided to go ahead with this procedure instead of the dental bridge. The experience was very smooth and painless (insertation of implant and healing about 90days & finally abutment placement & crown attachment). It is worth every penny and patience! Thank you so much to Dr. Firdaus, who’s had more than 30yrs of experience, it feels and looks like a real tooth! Also thanks a lot to Dr. Alyssa, Dr. Jerry and the friendliest team at Stellar Dental SA for making my experience a memorable one! – 17/02/2024 
read more
Khoirul A. AvatarKhoirul A.
Really really great overall experience here at Stellar Dental Setia Alam. I’m a foreigner but they made me feel very welcomed. Dr Haseena was very gentle and professional. The rest of the team were hospitable and nice. I can’t put into words on how much I would really recommend them 👍🏻 – 24/09/2023 
read more
Noor J. AvatarNoor J.
I came here for teeth composite veneer treatment. Dr Haseena is incredibly patient, understanding and successfully altered my teeth to look the way I desired. The result was so perfect 😍😍😍. Now i have the most gorgeous smile of my life . And not to forget, the staffs are very friendly and treats me well. The clinic is really nice and tidy too! I love stellar dental! ❤️❤️❤️ – 24/08/2023 
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Aish N. AvatarAish N.
the service was so gooddd the doctors are also very nice !! really recommended for your teeth health – 24/01/2024 
read more
Krista V. AvatarKrista V.
I underwent a smile makeover at Stellar Dental and would highly recommend this dental clinic! I could say I’m an anxious patient when it comes to dental work but I felt really at ease from the beginning and the whole process was explained to me really well. Every step of the way I knew exactly what I was getting done and why. During the procedure I was comfortable and pain free, clinic offers an entertainment that is a good distraction! I am absolutely in love with the final results and I have been getting a lot of compliments about my teeth! If you are in Kuala Lumpur don’t hesitate to visit Stellar Dental. Dr Alyssa & her team will look after you and no doubt you will be smiling more ! – 13/07/2024 
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Aina M. AvatarAina M.
Good experience. The dentist and assistants are very nice and helpful – 20/02/2024 
read more
KaiZaraa 1. AvatarKaiZaraa 1.
Service sangat2 terbaik..doc,assistant doc dan cashier sangat2 peramah..tak sia2 datang klinik gigi nie..service dan layanan sangat2 terbaikk..Thanks stellar Dental Setia Alam atas service dan layanan yang baik..Thankss again 😊😊😊 – 24/02/2023 
read more
Nazreen n. AvatarNazreen n.
Doctor n staff sangat terbaik especially dr Alisa banyak bagi nasihat n bg keterangan yg baik. Perjalanan pakai braces hampir 2 tahun sangat smooth n Alhamdulillah gigi sudah okey😁 terima kasih stellar dental👍🏻 – 24/12/2023 
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JY W. AvatarJY W.
Came here because I thought I have a developing cavity. After inspection by Dr Afizudin, turns out is only a stain which can be settled by scaling and polishing. The process was painless. Dr Afizudin was very clear and patient in answering all my enquiries. – 11/06/2024 
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nur n. Avatarnur n.
perfect !!! – 24/02/2023 
read more
Hafiz S. AvatarHafiz S.
Recommended! Thumbs up… – 17/05/2021 
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