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How We Do Smile Makeovers at Stellar Dental

If you’re considering getting a smile makeover, whether to have whiter, brighter, and more aligned teeth or replace a few missing teeth, this post is for you.

Hear from patients who gained newfound confidence and reason to smile after getting treatments from us.

Let us show you how...

Since 2020, our dental clinic have been treating patients with various teeth and dental issues.

From discoloration, misalignment, chipping, loose and of course missing teeth. Many of them came after seeing our testimonies:

What they are saying:

  • They feel more confident now
  • They don’t feel any pain
  • They feel comfortable
  • They find it is worth the investment

Most importantly, they now have their dream smile.

We will share some of our patients’ journeys so that you too, can make a better-informed decision.

Patient 1: Full Smile Makeover using 16 Ceramic Veneers

Meet Stewart, a dynamic 60-year-old fitness coach from the UK, passionate about health and wellness. Despite his active lifestyle, Stewart faced dental challenges that affected his confidence and appearance.

Stewart’s primary concerns included enamel wear from night grinding and a porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown on his front tooth that didn’t match his natural teeth, with a visible black margin.

Front teeth view before makeover
Left side teeth view before makeover
Right side teeth view before makeover

These issues made his smile appear aged and detracted from its natural beauty. Understanding the importance of a confident smile in his profession, Stewart sought a comprehensive smile makeover to restore his confidence and enhance his professional image.

Stewart’s Smile Makeover Treatment

1. Photographic Records, Digital Smile Design, and 3D Digital Scanning

Stewart's Digital Smile Design
  • Using advanced digital technologies, we designed Stewart’s teeth in the ideal shape, size, and alignment to fit his facial features.
  • Given the extensive changes planned for Stewart’s teeth, it was crucial to address all 16 visible teeth (8 upper and 8 lower teeth) during the procedure to ensure a seamless and consistent appearance when talking or smiling, thereby avoiding any discrepancies.

2. Removal of Old Crown and Temporary Mock-Up

Removal of old crown and teeth preparation
Placement of temporary veneers
  • Stewart’s existing PFM crown on his front tooth were removed and temporary restorations, including a temporary crown and veneers, were then placed.
  • This step allowed Stewart to preview his new smile design and provide feedback before finalizing the permanent restorations.

3. Placement of Permanent Crowns and Veneers

Stewart's front side teeth with ceramic veneers
Stewart's left side teeth with ceramic veneers
Stewart's right side teeth with ceramic veneers
  • Upon Stewart’s approval of the temporary mock-ups, we proceeded to place the permanent ceramic crown and veneers.
  • The new restorations matched the whiter shade of teeth, eliminating the visible black margin and restoring a seamless, natural appearance to Stewart’s smile.
  • Throughout the treatment, Stewart’s bite and smile aesthetics were carefully assessed and adjusted as needed. This ensured optimal function and a smile line that followed the natural curvature of his lips, enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

Stewart’s Smile Makeover Result

Stewart's smile before makeover treatment
Stewart's smile after makeover treatment

Stewart’s smile makeover at Stellar Dental exceeded his expectations, delivering a natural, white brilliance that perfectly complemented his facial features.

His satisfaction was evident, as he now enjoys a confident smile that enhances his professional image and personal well-being.

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Watch Stewart’s firsthand experience and remarkable transformation and hear his heartfelt testimony below:

He entrusted us with his smile makeover while temporarily in Malaysia, and we successfully completed the procedure within a tight 3-week timeframe, including a review appointment before his return to the UK.

A follow-up appointment ensured everything was comfortable and satisfactory, and he understands the detailed instructions for maintaining his new smile and overall oral health.

Stewart with Dr. Alyssa
Stewart's review at Stellar Dental's google page

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