Stellar Dental Kota Damansara

Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Sunday: Closed

Stellar Dental Kota Damansara

Stellar Dental Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya is situated in the center of Dataran Sunway between Sunway Giza and Nexis. It is another one of our luxurious and affordable dental clinics in Selangor.

The parking besides just walking distance from the dental clinic also comes with a roof and guards for your safety.

Monday – Sunday: 11am – 8pm

Convenient and Comfortable

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Proudly Rated 5 Out Of 5 Stars From 151 Customer Reviews

Taufiq J. AvatarTaufiq J.
Had a great experience here. Dr Alyssa was attentive and thorough in her treatment. – 7/26/2021 
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Ruhil A. AvatarRuhil A.
Tempat sangat cantik dan selesa. Kid friendly. Good services. Doctor and nurse explain well about teeth condition, next dental procedure, and dental care. – 8/26/2021 
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Akmal H. AvatarAkmal H.
Terbaik.. doctor and nurse sangat friendly and professional.. klinik bersih dan selesa.. harga pun okay.. sbelum start prosedure, siap tanya nak tgok muvie apa ke dgr lagu ape.. TV atas siling boleh tgok sambil gigi kene basuh hahah.. 5star – 2/26/2022 
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Farhana R. AvatarFarhana R.
Awesome! Thank you so much! 🤗 satisfied with the service.. awesome environment.. – 4/26/2021 
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Tan b. AvatarTan b.
Dr. Alyssa is highly dedicated, professional and friendly. Patiently explained my 5 years old daughter’s dental problem in details. My kid was comfortable during the whole dental treatment process. Doctor personally follow up her condition after treatment was done.Highly recommended to those who are seeking for dental consultation or treatments. – 4/26/2021 
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Norainiza A. AvatarNorainiza A.
Dr.Alyssa, staff and klinik mmg the best! First time bwk anak 2 tahun 4 bulan, of course we as his parents very worried either he can cooperate or he will refused at all.At first nampak doktor dia tarik tgn mummy dia ajak balik.But then, Dr.Alyssa berjaya pujuk my son dgn jayanya smpai habis the procedure.I was unbelievable she can handle my son which I sendiri tak percaya he can get along with the doctor and the procedure.Dr.Alyssa explained very well and actually a lot of things we don’t know on how to take care of our son’s tooth.For sure to come back for the next follow up and will bring my daughter pulak yang baru 10 months after her first tooth keluar as advise by Dr.Alyssa.And if Dr.Alyssa read this, just want her to know, my son skrg kalau nampak gambar gigi he will said ‘Doktor gigi’, which I think should be positive thinking for him about dentist mcm yg Dr.Alyssa explained to us, it is to ensure that dia tidak takut utk jumpa dentist or negative thinking shaja when about to meet his dentist.Thank you Dr.Alyssa & team. – 4/26/2021 
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N S. AvatarN S.
First time kena cabut gigi tak rasa sakit 😆,cuma rasa jarum bius tu ja haha. Service yang okay dan memuaskan! Ini pun dah kali ke-4 pergi buat rawatan gigi dekat sini,semuanya okay! Doctor dan staff semua okay 😁 – 2/26/2022 
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Recommended! Excellent services provided by Dr Alyssa and team – 4/26/2021 
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Sarah A. AvatarSarah A.
The most helpful team, they helped me with my wisdom teeth. – 4/26/2021 
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Arif A. AvatarArif A.
Dr explained about the dental very detail and easy to practice at home – 11/30/2020 
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Wan M. AvatarWan M.
Very pleased with the treatment. The dentist and staff are all very friendly. Highly recommended. – 5/26/2021 
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ShieShieraaAlias AvatarShieShieraaAlias
Recommended.. 👍👍 – 4/26/2021 
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