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Anis S. AvatarAnis S.
Clean and inviting clinic. The dr and staff are very friendly – 24/02/2023 
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Ally S. AvatarAlly S.
Had a great experience with them throughout my veneers journey and completed perfectly a month ago. The doctors and staffs are very friendly, soft, attentive,caring and funny. Dr. Ellie was my doctor and she explained everything clearly and detailed. Dr. Alyssa attended me few times as well. She is such a calm person. Oh, I had a great time watching my favourite shows during the treatment πŸ˜†. This place is a dental clinic but serves a therapeutic vibes and healing to me. Thank you Stellar Dental. You are the best – 24/06/2023 
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Qaliya S. AvatarQaliya S.
My experience at the clinic was great very friendly staff. From the receptionist to the nurse and dr Ellie all staff were extremely friendly. Throughout my procedure they made sure I was comfortable and not in pain. The clinic is also very clean and beautiful. Would definitely recommend for international patients. – 24/08/2023 
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Saif AvatarSaif
Just like it’s namesake, the service here was stellar. I just had my first appointment at and it was honestly the best experience I’ve had at a dentist. Everything was smooth. I wish I had found this place sooner. – 24/02/2023 
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2014 H. Avatar2014 H.
sepanjang treatment braces dengan dr ellie semua smooth dr and staff friendly, setiap appointment dr akan bagitahu gigi mana yang dah bergerak. Overall semua best buat braces di klinik gigi stellarπŸ‘πŸ» – 17/02/2024 
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Caitlin B. AvatarCaitlin B.
INTERNATIONAL/WESTERN FOLK – This is the PERFECT place to get your teeth done. I highly recommend it!! Dr Ellie and her team are the best dental staff I have ever come across. Their knowledge and equipment far exceeds anything you’ll have experienced via the NHS and most private dentists in the UK. – totally pain free – full explanation of procedure and recommendations beforehand – staff are kind, gentle and work with nervous patients very well – Dr Ellie is very well educated, you can tell she has been trained to the highest level – amazingly cheap, like wow. Cheaper than the NHS in every aspect. For the price of 1 filling on the NHS I recieved at Stellar Dental: check up, x-rays, 2x fillings, internal tooth bleaching, full scale and polish. Unbelievable!! – impeccably clean and well designed clinic, feels more like a spa! – all staff have perfect English, no language barriers I will be returning to this clinic for any future dental work I need. I do not live in Malaysia, that’s how excellent and well priced it is. – 24/02/2023 
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Sofia A. AvatarSofia A.
Perkhidmatan yang sangat cemerlang, kemas, lembut dan sangat menceriakan tanpa sebarang ketakutan πŸ€²πŸ˜‚ – 24/02/2023 
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Muhayzem M. AvatarMuhayzem M.
Handle patient very professional.. recommend.. – 07/03/2021 
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Mardiani M. AvatarMardiani M.
Experience dentist and excellent services. Sent my daughter for braces for the past 2 years and we are very happy with the result. Good job Dr Alyssa and team. Keep it up! Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘ – 24/11/2023 
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dbdina Avatardbdina
alhamdulillah buat braces dekat sini okay . dr semua baik dari first sampai la dah buka . dr alysa pon sampai boleh tahu kita nak warna apa 😹 yang nak try buat braces dekat sini boleh la cuba . layanan staff yang lain pon baik baik . – 24/07/2023 
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Muhammad &. AvatarMuhammad &.
We were late for our appointment. However, Atikah and Dr. Yi still managed to slot us in and offered services beyond closing time. Dr. Yi managed to pull out my wisdom tooth even though 2 dentists could not. I am grateful for their service and dental had coffee, water services. Awesome! – 24/02/2023 
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Tzelin L. AvatarTzelin L.
Cozy, child-friendly environment. Attentive and accomodating staff. Thanks for the great service! Will come back for follow up procedures 😁 – 24/01/2024 
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