Self-Ligating Braces VS Conventional Braces

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In this article

Self-ligating braces vs conventional braces, what’s the difference?

Self-ligating braces and conventional braces are two types of braces that are commonly offered in dental clinics throughout Malaysia. Braces or dental braces are a type of treatment to align the position of the teeth either by straightening them or closing any gaps between the teeth.

Your teeth can move from their original position if there is pressure from the outside or pressure from a new tooth that grows around it. The use of braces can restore the position of your teeth and rearrange your teeth to make your smile look more beautiful.

Self-ligating braces have the same function as conventional braces. However, in this article, we will share more about the difference between self-ligating braces and conventional braces.

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Differences in self-ligating braces

There are several differences between self-ligating braces and conventional braces. Many are still confused between the two because to the naked eye they look similar. Let’s see the differences.

1. Special bracket design

self ligating braces vs conventional braces
Teeth with self ligating braces.

Self-ligating braces use a specially designed bracket that only uses clips to hold the wire that binds the braces. The sophistication of today’s technology has succeeded in producing an interesting innovation.

You don’t need an elastic band to tie the wire to the bracket. No more problems with the elastic band being torn off or broken when wearing braces.

2. More comfortable

The use of self-ligating braces is more comfortable than conventional braces. It is said it won’t give excessive pain to the wearer after its installation. This makes more people interested in using it.

3. Shorter treatment duration

The installation process and follow-up treatment of self-ligating braces is shorter than conventional braces. With the ease of using the clip as a wire holder, the process of opening and closing the braces becomes easier.

Follow-up treatment after the installation of braces is also less. You do not need to see or check your braces at the dental clinic every month.

4. Easier to clean

self ligating braces vs conventional braces
Cleaning self ligating braces.

The use of clips has made it easier for the wearer to clean the braces. You only need to clean the bracket and the binding wire without any other additional components.

In addition, self-ligating braces also use a door mechanism system that works to ensure that the binding wire connection is always intact and strong between your teeth.

This can simultaneously reduce the friction between the bonding wire and the bracket while making the process of realigning your teeth more effective. Higher efficiency will help you get faster results.

What are the price difference

The cost of installing self-ligating braces is slightly higher than conventional braces. This is due to the technology used and the ease of its installation which makes it more valuable.

Although the cost is higher, the self-ligating braces price is still affordable. With the convenience and advantages compared to conventional braces, it is definitely worth the price.

One determining factor for the price of self-ligating braces is the structure of your teeth. The more complex tends to require longer treatment which results in higher costs.

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self ligating braces vs conventional braces
Dr Alyssa with her self ligating braces patient.

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That’s all our sharing regarding self-ligating braces vs conventional braces. Hopefully this sharing can help and add some knowledge about your dental health care. Hopefully useful.

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