Invisible Braces: Price, Procedure and Pros & Cons

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In this article

A mouthful of wire and bracket braces might not be the only option to have straight teeth and a revitalized smile. Invisible braces boost physical and emotional confidence and are an attractive and barely noticeable alternative to conventional wire/bracket braces.

While traditional orthodontics is a preferable option for treating complex bite issues and some cases of misalignment, invisible braces can treat the following conditions:

  • The overjet or overbite
  • Widely spaced or crowded teeth
  • Uneven teeth

Invisible braces are good for adults and older teenagers, but not when baby teeth are still present. Children and young teenagers with orthodontic issues need traditional metal braces on the front teeth.

Your dentist or orthodontist is the only person who can decide if you’re a candidate for invisible braces. You must wear the “trays” for 22 hours a day and should never be misplaced or forgotten.

Types of invisible braces

The popular invisible braces are ceramic brackets, inner braces, and clear aligners. Ceramic braces straighten teeth using tooth-colored brackets (and occasionally tooth-colored wires) instead of metal. The tooth-colored ceramic, typically stain-free, “blends” with your teeth, making them less obvious than metal and less “invisible” than inner braces or clear aligners.

Inside braces, also known as inside invisible braces, lingual braces, or “iBraces,” and clear aligners take therapy to the next level by rendering it almost undetectable. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

invisible braces

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are something that looks like teeth retainers that are custom-fit to move your teeth to the desired position. They are the latest innovation in orthodontic treatment as they don’t use any metal wires anymore. By being invisible, they attract patients that want to straighten their teeth discreetly. Another advantage that they have is they are removable making it easy for you to eat and brush like you normally would.

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Ceramic braces

Ceramic or “clear” braces are constructed from composite materials that are less durable and more fragile than metal. These brackets are larger than metal brackets. Ceramic braces need little rubber bands, or ligatures, to hold them to the archwire (or built-in spring clips on “auto ligating” brackets).

The ligatures can stain because they are white or clear. However, staining is not a major issue since dentists replace ligatures each time you have an adjustment.

Ceramic brackets are not detachable until the course of treatment is complete. This can cause irritation and discomfort and make normal oral hygiene, eating, and speaking more difficult.

Ceramic braces take longer to treat since they are not as strong as metal ones. Your orthodontist may need to use a slower, more progressive force to prevent overstretching the strength of clear brackets. Additionally, ceramic brackets often cost more than conventional metal brackets.

Some patients may choose to use ceramic braces solely on the teeth that are most noticeable, often the top teeth or simply the upper center teeth, and standard metal brackets on the other teeth that need to be straightened as a cost-saving measure. Additionally, tooth abrasion is possible if the lower ceramic brackets are in contact with the incisal edges of the upper front teeth.

invisible braces clear aligners price
Ceramic braces are a type of invisible braces.

Inside braces

Inside braces are not visible as they are bound to the back of the teeth. The dentist or prosthodontist binds these computer-designed custom brackets, created by using scanned images of the insides of the teeth, to the insides of the upper and occasionally lower teeth.

They, therefore, appeal to those who may feel self-conscious about wearing transparent aligners or metal or ceramic brackets and wires on the front of their teeth when they are out in public frequently.

Final words

Invisible braces are a type of braces that are ideal if you are shy to get conventional ones. But keep in mind that they may cost you extra. Reach out to Stellar Dental to book a free consultation and discuss any questions you might have regarding invisible braces.

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