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Incorrect jaw development is believed to cause many common orthodontic problems. A child who breathes via their mouth or has tongue thrust that interferes with swallowing is more likely to have limited jaw development. Poor jaw development reduces the amount of space available for permanent teeth. An instrument called Myobrace improves your child’s jaw growth. It avoids crowding and other orthodontic problems by correcting improper myofunctional habits. In other words, it is teeth braces for kids.

What are myofunctional habits?

Before we discuss what Myobrace treatment is, let’s define what we mean by myofunctional habits. These habits include:

Breathing: Ideal way to breathe is through the nose. The jaws constrict and develop downward when a child breathes via their mouth. As a result, the face becomes long and narrow, and the jaw lacks the space for the teeth.

Tongue position: The tongue should always be positioned within the roof of the mouth. When a child places their tongue in the bottom of their mouth, the upper teeth get crowded, and the lower jaw gets driven back.

Swallowing: Tongue thrust children swallow by pushing the tongue forward and pulling the lips back. This is also another habit that prevents the jaws from growing ahead.

Lip function: A child’s lips should be able to close comfortably over their teeth, but inappropriate lip or cheek muscle control can make this difficult.

What is Myobrace treatment?

Myobrace is a set of custom-made intraoral instruments used for an hour or two each day and overnight. This braces for kids help your child address poor mouth and myofunctional habits, promote jaw and facial development, maintain proper jaw alignment, and even improve their general health.

Benefits of the treatment

Here are some of the reasons why many patients prefer myobraces:

  • Encourages breathing through the nose.
  • Brings the tongue to the roof of the mouth by correcting its resting position.
  • Improves swallowing patterns
  • Helps to keep the lips together and may decrease or even eliminate the need for traditional orthodontics.
  • There is no need to wear it to school, and the treatment does not interfere with eating or oral hygiene routines.
  • More comfortable as compared to other orthodontic treatment options.

Additional benefits

Myobrace treatment does more than straighten the teeth in the front of the mouth. Myobrace also removes harmful effects on patients’ teeth and facial growth. Kids can benefit from this braces by preventing the development of bad muscle habits that can jeopardize facial development. Furthermore, the treatment improves patient posture due to a healthy jaw. It also reduces allergies.

If used at the proper time, myobrace can help avoid thumb-sucking. This dangerous habit harms facial development. When used correctly, Myobraces can eliminate the need for braces as the patient ages. The best feature of Myobraces is that no permanent teeth are extracted. Allow your child to try Myobrace treatment, and they may see an improvement in face equilibrium.

Myobrace treatment procedure

During your first session, you will learn about the treatment process. In addition, the dentist will address any questions you may have. Once you understand the process and are ready to proceed, the dentists will take the records to analyze your needs appropriately. These records may include photographs, study molds, and X-rays to help diagnose. After this, the dentist will describe your customized treatment plan and its cost.

If you choose the Myobrace treatment, your dentist will give you the appliance at your next appointment. To achieve the best results, you must wear your Myobraces daily, come in for regular check-ups, and follow all of the instructions in your treatment plan. The average treatment period of 12-24 months. After that, the dentist will reevaluate your teeth and jaw to determine whether more treatment is needed, if you should transition to fixed braces, or if your treatment is complete.

How do Myobrace work?

Myobrace relies on instruments that improve oral health in various ways. These appliances correct bad behaviors that lead to poor dental growth while delivering gentle forces to align teeth into their usual locations. This, combined with a daily regimen of myofunctional exercises, will provide significant results in a surprisingly short time.

Myobrace treatment eventually assists your child with breathing through the nose rather than the mouth, keeping the lips together, swallowing correctly, and achieving the proper tongue resting position. This treatment will help develop and align the jaws, correct poor oral habits, improve facial development, and eventually straighten the teeth.

Myobrace Types

Available for a wide range of patient age groups and treatment needs, Myobrace treatment provides practitioners with more treatment alternatives for a broader range of patients.

Myobrace for juniors

It is a three-stage appliance to treat bad dental habits while treating upper and lower jaw development issues. Myobrace for Juniors is most successful in primary dentition from the age of three.

The J1 corrects habits and comprises flexible silicone that adapts to any arch form and malocclusion. It has anterior and posterior air springs that help children with primary dentition. It comes in pink and blue and is available in a single size.

The J2 offers arch development as well as habit correction and is made of medium-hardness material that aids in jaw widening and development. The J2 is a one-size appliance that comes in pink and blue.

The J3 allows for ongoing jaw development and occlusal correction. Its strong polyurethane structure ensures proper dental alignment, and the broader tongue tag provides correct tongue position. The J3 is a single-size device that comes in pink and blue.

Myobrace for kids

It is a three-stage appliance meant to cure bad dental habits while treating upper and lower jaw development issues. Myobrace for kids, available in three sizes, is most successful when a child’s permanent front teeth have come through but before all permanent teeth erupt.

The K1 corrects habits and is composed of flexible silicone to fit any arch-form and poorly-aligned teeth. Its adaptability also means that it provides better retention for nighttime use. Myobrace for kids is most successful when a child’s permanent teeth emerge (ages 5 to 10) and is available in three sizes and three colors: pink, blue, and clear.

The K2 offers arch development as well as habit correction. It has Dynamicore with a Frankel Cage, which helps to grow the arch shape and improve dental alignment. The K2 comes in three sizes and three colors: pink, blue, and clear.

The K3 is responsible for ultimate alignment and retention. Its polyurethane composition ensures proper teeth alignment and retention. This type comes in three sizes and two colors: pink and blue.

Myobrace for teens

It is a four-stage appliance method to correct habits, build arch structures, and align teeth. Myobrace for teens is most effective once the permanent teeth have emerged and are intended to assist the erupting teeth into their natural position.

The T1 corrects habits and offers initial dental alignment. It is comprised of a soft and flexible material that allows it to fit a variety of arch shapes and poorly aligned teeth. In the early stages of treatment, the soft material provides improved retention and comfort.

The T2 offers arch development as well as ongoing habit correction. It has Dynamicore to help grow the arch form, allowing more space for the erupting teeth. The T2 is only available in one size.

The T3 offers customized teeth alignment, arch development, and habit correction. It has Dynamicore to help grow the arch form, allowing more space for the erupting teeth. The tooth slots divide and position the front teeth. The T3 is available in seven different sizes.

The T4 ensures final tooth and jaw alignment. Its sturdy polyurethane structure also ensures good retention. The hollow tongue tag encourages the final position of the tongue. The T4 is offered in two sizes: standard and big.

Myobrace for adults

It is a three-stage appliance system appropriate for permanent dentition. The A1 offers habit correction as well as initial dental alignment. It is made up of a soft and flexible material that allows it to fit a variety of arch shapes and poorly aligned teeth. In the early stages of treatment, the soft material provides improved retention and comfort. The A1 comes in two sizes: standard and big.

The A2 assists with arch development, habit correction, and dental alignment. It comprises medium-hardness polyurethane and promotes arch development while applying a light strain to the teeth for better dental alignment. It comes in two sizes: standard and large.

The A3 is responsible for final alignment and retention. Its sturdy polyurethane composition ensures proper teeth alignment and retention. The hollow tongue tag completes tongue position and aids in habit formation. The A3 is available in two sizes: standard and big.

What is the best time to start Myobrace treatment?

Myobraces have the potential to treat a wide range of oral health problems. The question is when is the optimum time to use Myobraces. Most dentists agree that Myobrace treatment is best used on children while they are growing. Myobraces should be applied when the first permanent teeth appear. These teeth usually appear between the ages of 6 and 10. Myobraces should generally be used when the patient is between the ages of 5 and 15. You have nothing to lose by attempting this treatment if your child is between these ages and you believe they can wear Myobraces for an hour each day and at night while sleeping.

Why is early Myobrace treatment so necessary?

Early treatment using Myobraces and other tried-and-true methods has the potential to improve your child’s dental health. It aids in the correction of the behaviors that caused the problems in the first place. Whether the issue is one or more crooked teeth, poor facial development, or something else, Myobraces can put your child on the path to perfect dental health as they enter adulthood.

What is the cost of Myobrace treatment?

The price is highly situation-dependent on the state of your child’s mouth and the movement required to correct their problems. By any measure, Myobrace treatment is far less expensive than standard orthodontic braces for your child. At Stellar Dental, the price for Myobrace is only RM850.

What to expect?

Myobrace is a more comfortable treatment option than traditional orthodontics. Patients should only suffer very moderate discomfort at the start of treatment, which should reduce soon with continued wear. Patient compliance is critical to the duration and success of the treatment. Typical treatment includes the patient wearing the trainer for 1-2 hours while sleeping daily and following a fun and easy schedule of myofunctional training activities. The average treatment length varies; however, it is usually approximately 18 months.

Final words

Myobrace System has been used as teeth braces for kids from over 100 countries to discover the benefits of myofunctional orthodontics. Over the last three decades, significant research has demonstrated that the Myobrace system is an excellent treatment for poor jaw development and crooked teeth.

Myofunctional orthodontics should not be considered a substitute for conventional orthodontics but rather a supplement to standard treatment. The modality’s primary goal is to address oral muscle dysfunctions to direct and support jaw bone growth and development. As a result, this would affect the emergence of adult teeth in healthier locations. The goal is NOT to straighten your teeth! It is a pre-orthodontic therapy used in conjunction with orthodontics to establish a naturally balanced mouth-muscle functional equilibrium.

If you have any questions about Myobraces treatment, contact us at Stellar Dental. You can book an appointment by filling out this online form.

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